HR & Compliance

At Torgersen Causey, a unique focus is dedicated to assist clients with the development of an effective Human Resources strategy and benefits Compliance.
With our team and resources, you get the answers you need!


Torgersen Causey also employs tools and resources to help employers meet Compliance needs, including:

Affordable Care Act (ACA): Assistance in determining an employer’s status with the ACA and tools to help employers establish how to remain in compliance---penalty free.

Additionally, Torgersen Causey provides assistance or information on request for:

  • Development of required ACA filings such as 1094C and 1095C
  • Required Notices
  • Section 125
  • ERISA plan documents

Human Resources

Torgersen Causey is experienced with HR Services such as:

  • HR Tools: All Torgersen Causey clients have access to HR360, an online HR resource with a wealth of information and compliance services. No-charge services through HR360 range from information on FMLA to templates for an employee handbook. The program offers our employer groups resources on the majority of HR issues. We also offer an HR Hotline to handle more complex HR issues.
  • Payroll Services & Payroll with HR add-on: Using the services of a proven and high-tech payroll service can improve efficiencies while reducing risk and administrative and regulatory burdens. Some firms offer HR services as part of their program offering and the prices are very competitive. In many situations, the fees are largely offset by administrative savings experienced by the client.
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEO): Also known as “employee leasing,” your employees would be co-employed, providing your firm access to PEO benefits, Workers Comp insurance, safety and payroll.